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Here is a list of our most common questions


  • How do I book the airport transfer?

    You can book an airport transfer by using our booking form or call us on +47 96 70 11 03. Tell us what flight you are going to and where to pick you up to make your booking.

  • Where can I find you at the airport?

    Finding the driver at the airport is easy. The driver will wait for you outside the arrival hall with a blue PKS Oslo sign. Go up to him and he will show you to the minibus.

    Tip: Remember to turn on your phone after you have landed because the driver might try to contact you!

  • Do you offer airport transfer service to Gardermoen airport?

    We do not offer a shared transfer to Gardermoen / Oslo airport.

    If you are a group of 5 or more passengers we can offer you a private transfer. To book a private transfer please contact us at

  • I cannot find my flight.

    If your flight does not show up in the booking form then it means that we do not drive to that particular flight. However, you can try to find another flight around the same time. We will be at the airport around 1,5 hour before departure.

  • What time will the minibus pick me up?

    We do not have a fixed time schedule because we offer a door-to-door service. The route is planned one day before and you will receive an SMS one day before departure around 18.00 with the time of pick up.

    If the pick up time does not work for you - no worries. You can always cancel the booking free of charge. If you have paid with card you will be refunded within 10 business days.

  • Which flights are you going to?

    You can find all the flights we drive to in our booking app. If you do not find your flight, then you can try to find another flight that is around the same time.

  • Can I change the booking to another date?

    If you want to change the date of your transfer you can cancel your existing booking and create a new one. If you have paid with card you will get automatically refunded if you cancel your flight 8 hours prior to your flight.

  • Do you have safety seats for children?

    Yes. When you are booking through our booking app then you can choose which kind of safety seat you need. If you are booking through phone then our representative will find a suitable safety seat for you.


  • Can I pay by credit card?

    Yes. You pay with Visa and Mastercard through our app or you can pay directly to the driver.

  • Can I pay with cash?

    Yes. We accept cash payments in Norwegian Crowns (NOK).

  • Can I get my money refunded?

    If you cancel your trip 8 hours before your flight we will refund you the full amount. It can take up to 10 business days before the money is back in your account.


  • How do I create an account?

    You can create an account using our sign up page. You will need to verify your phone number in order to use your account.

  • Is it possible to edit my booking?

    You can freely edit your booking up until 18.00 one day before your flight. You can change how many passengers are going, pick up address or children safety seats.

  • How can I cancel my booking?

    You can cancel your booking by logging into your account, going to "Trips" and clicking cancel button on your transfer.

    If you do not have an account you can cancel your transfer by calling us at +47 96 70 11 03 and one of our representatives will cancel the booking for you.

  • I forgot my password.

    You can create a new password by using “I forgot my password” form. You will receive an SMS code on your registered phone number and then you can proceed to creating a new password.

  • I have a new phone number.

    You can change your phone number on the “My account” page when you are logged into your account.

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