Terms and Conditions

1. General Provisions
1.1. The operator of airport shuttle is PKS NOR AS based in Verkseier Furulundsvei 22, Oslo hereinafter referred to as “Carrier”.
1.2. Regulations define the rules for the sale of tickets, transport of passengers and baggage carried by PKS Oslo.
1.3. Document authorizing the passage is: “Receipt” or “Invoice” called hereinafter as “Ticket”.
1.4. Submission of a reservation constitutes acceptance of “Terms and conditions”.

2. Booking Terms and Conditions
2.1. The booking system handles reservations up to 15 people. You can order up to 12 hours before the scheduled flight. Your booking is confirmed when you receive a confirmation email.
2.2. You do not need to print your confirmation mail as our driver will be informed that the trip is paid in advance.
2.3. Customer data is not shared or sold to third parties and all customer data is stored according to Norwegian law.
2.4. PKS NOR AS is responsible for the quality and performance of the service sold to you.
2.5. PKS NOR AS is responsible for the following:
a credit card transactions made ​​through this website.
b informing you when we will come to pick you up at the agreed place on the day prior to departure.
c informing you of any significant changes to your order.
2.6. Your order becomes binding when it is confirmed by phone or in writing by PKS NOR AS. Online reservation become binding once you have received confirmation email.
2.7. To cancel or modify your order, please contact PKS Oslo via email: [email protected]
2.8. Cancellation can be made up until 7 days before your scheduled flight with full refund.You will not be entitled to a refund if you cancel your journey less than 7 days before your scheduled flight.
2.9. Changing your booking will be considered as a cancellation.
2.10. If the change in your booking does not affect the price you can change the order until 24 hours before your scheduled flight at no extra charge.
2.11. Prices are in Norwegian kroner (NOK). All prices are inclusive of VAT.

3. Carrier
3.1. Carrier is not liable for delays and their further consequences caused by administrative factors (eg police checks), or other factors beyond the control of the Carrier (eg technical problems , weather conditions, traffic jams) .
3.2. Carrier will endeavor to carry the passenger and baggage within reasonable time in accordance with the plan of the journey, but for reasons beyond his control, he can not guarantee this.
3.3. Carrier reserves the right to have connecting services during the journey due to logistical reasons or for the security of passengers .
3.4. Passengers who are unable to travel due to fault of the Carrier are entitled to a refund amount equivalent to the unused ticket.
3.5. Reservation for the bus is done by placing an order by phone or on the reservation form on www.pksoslo.com. Orders are confirmed at the time of receiving email with confirmation of booking.
3.6. The carrier has the right not to allow passengers on the bus or refuse further carriage without reimbursement of costs incurred by the Passenger, when the passenger:
a does not comply with the provisions of these regulations,
b is influenced by alcohol or drugs
c is in a state or behaves in a manner that could adversely affect the safety or comfort of fellow passengers.
Legal consequences of these situations are held by the Passenger .
3.7. It is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, drugs or smoking .
3.8. It is only allowed to carry certain pets after previously informing the Carrier. The transported animal must be properly secured, be in a cage and be placed on the seat next to the passenger. Transportation of animals must be done without disturbing other passengers during the journey.
3.9. The cost for transportation, taxes, charges and fees for PKS Oslo services are non-refundable in the case the of passengers not showing up at agreed meeting spot.

4. Passengers
4.1. Passengers should arrive at the appointed place at the appointed hour. Carrier is not obliged to wait for passengers not complying with this provision.
4.2. Passengers are required to comply with police regulations during the journey.
4.3. Passengers are responsible for any damage caused to the Carrier (in particular for damage in the bus) and other passengers on general principles stipulated by the Civil Code.
4.4. Passenger is required to use seat belts when traveling.
4.5. Children under the age of 12, which does not exceed 150cm tall, transported in bus has to use safety seats or other equipment for transporting children, corresponding to the weight and height of the child. The child should stay throughout the trip in a secured protective seat . PKS NOR AS has 1 protective seat in the buses. In case of a larger number of children, you need to notify Carrier when making the reservation.
4.6. Carrier is not liable for minors traveling without a legal guardian.
4.7. Items left behind on the bus by are not covered by the carrier .